Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! 😊❤️

I hope it’s filled with love and good food. AAAAND mostly I hope you know how much I love all of you!

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The iPhone Voice Memo Series — Ft. Me, Liz, and my guitar.

xo M&L

these valentines you guys are making are too funny omg >>
happiness. being happy etc.

as some of you may know, Liz and I have been trying to get back to LA for the past 4 days, but instead Mother Nature has decided to dump 15 inches of snow on us and cancel every single flight in every single surrounding airport. michigan is a great place to visit……. in the summer. ;)

so as i sit here at the computer with a blizzard warning, legally not being able to drive on the roads because they’re so bad, and my frosted vanilla candle lit, i thought i’d share with you a little bit about what i’ve been learning about life and myself over the past few days.


just don’t. just stop. no matter how hard you plan for things to go a certain way or imagine scenarios in your head, it just freaking happens. sometimes better than what you imagined, and of course sometimes way worse. but ya know what? if we knew how everything was going to go all the time, life would be pretty damn boring, don’t ya think??

being yourself…

i know i say this way too often, but i feel like i need a daily reminder… so here’s yours: just be yourself. be happy being yourself. don’t change or try to change for anyone or anything. there’s someone out there that will love you for exactly who you are, whether that be a bookworm, a lazy bum for 5 days straight, a little crazy, a little jealous, overly-excited, whoever… but here’s the fun part; you have to be yourself in order for that person to find you. if anyone is judging you for your appearance/actions etc., you definitely don’t need them in your life. who are they to judge what you like to do/how you act? no one can do that. GOD doesn’t even do that! and i hate to break it to ya, but you’re not God. ;)


it’s really true what they say: “happiness is a state of mind.”

one of my new year’s resolutions was to stop negative talking myself and to shut that little negative voice up in my head whenever it comes out. and lemme tell you… when you’re actively aware of how much negativity you put in your head without thinking, it blows your mind. two days ago specifically, the entire day i stopped any negative thought that came into my brain and traded it out with a positive thought or the opposite of what i was thinking. two days ago was one of the best days i’ve had in a while. it’s a lot of work but seriously so worth it to me. ever since that day and proving my own theory correct, it’s been a constant struggle for me to keep it up, but i’m still trying every second of everyday. i’m a much happier person over these last few days, and i hope that carries on into 2014. maybe eventually it’ll just be a habit to think positively instead of negatively. that’s the ultimate goal here! :) surround yourself with people who build you up instead of tearing you down. if you can’t do that, be your own best friend. there will come a time in this crazy life of yours when you’ll have other best friends, but trust me, you always wanna have yourself. 

the future…

i think this is something we all think about constantly; where will i go to school? what job will i have? who will i marry? will i have kids? how many? will i have grandkids etc etc etc.

here’s your answer: you’ll know when you know. stop worrying about what’s going to happen because IT’S GUNNA HAPPEN. God knows what’s going on upstairs, and in your life. enjoy the ride and don’t over-think. you can’t plan for anything (as i said earlier) including the big steps in life. and what’s more important? don’t rush them! think about it… you still have so many amazing moments in life to look forward to. one day, you’re only going to have a few. so instead of rushing them along or worrying about them, take each day for what it is; another day to be alive.

life is full of second chances. take ‘em. try not to mess ‘em up again. and realize that sometimes the things you miss most are the things you thought you wouldn’t.

i love all of you.

2014 is going to be an incredible year. i can feel it in my bones. ;)

xo Megster

Life, man. Updates and stuff.


I realized that it’s been a little long since I wrote a blog, so here I am, sitting on my roof, sitting on a blanket (because I couldn’t find a beach towel.. My room is THAT messy) writing one!

We’re back “home” in LA today. And it’s nice to have a day off and do the things I can’t do on the road… Ya know like sleeping in my bed. Because my bed is BOMB. But at the same time, I LOVE how busy we’ve been lately. I’m literally always entertained and let me tell ya.. That is not an east task my friends. I’m one of those people who gets bored in the first 5 minutes of any sort of down time. For example… This morning Liz went to Starbucks without me (COOL) so I had the apartment to myself. I plugged in my iPhone and danced to music for about 4 songs… Then I was bored. HA HA. Life. Anyway I’m getting off topic. WE WENT TO TORONTO. This was our first time out of the country like… EVER. (T swift anyone?) and it was so. cool. It was probably one of my favorite experiences in life thus far. And as we all know… Life is full of moments. These moments make us who we are. I definitely had a moment… And it happened at MuchMusic. You guys that came out made me feel so loved and special and I can’t say thank you enough for that. It was a moment for me because we were in a different country… So it really clicked for me like wow. we’re working so hard and it’s making a difference not only for our music, but for you guys. I love how when I meet you guys, you’re always respectful, patient, and kind. I know I say this all the time but you are all wonderful people. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. So to sum it all up, I like you, Toronto.

Another big thing that happened last week was “Release You” officially went to radio. Now… The radio game is HARD. If I learned anything from “Bad for Me.” IT’S HARD K. But you have to believe. Life is all about believing in you and what you do. We aren’t Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus, so this song is going to take a while to get up the charts, but I’m okay with that. I believe it will. We got 10 adds last week, which is great for a first week and I’m STOKED about that. For those of you who don’t know, an add means that a radio station “adds” your song into rotation. So 10 stations are now playing “Release You!” (Cue happy dance) and that’s only the start! Yay! :) all the radio stations have the song PS. It’s just the matter of getting them to play it that’s the game! But I won’t lie.. I like the game. It makes me crazy. But I like it.

TOUR. Guys. I’m so beyond stoked to play a headlining tour. I’m excited to play new songs, old songs, meet you guys, and PLAY. Our band is so talented and fun and I think it’s gunna be a blast. I’m a little nervous about living on a bus with a bunch of dudes for a while, but that’s why I have perfume. Thank you to everyone who has already bought a ticket for the shows! This tour is not only for us to get out and play, but it’s also to find out how much power you guys have. If this tour does well, let’s just say… Bigger things to come. :)

ALBUM. IT’S ALMOST DONE. I’ve never been so excited guys. All we have to do is shoot the artwork, write some thank you’s and sing a couple more oooos and aaahs. Ya know? I’m really excited to decide which bonus tracks are going where. It’s gunna be like a little hunt. ;) LOOK WHAT YOU STARTED GUYS.

This journey, or as I’m now calling it “career,” has been incredible. Like I said in my ask answer earlier… I want to build a career and you guys are helping us do it. Every single one of you, whether you’ve been here for 5 years or if you’ve been here since yesterday, you’re here. And I love you for that. Thank you for making me happy and making our dreams come true. I love you family. So much.

Xo Megster

LA la LAnd.

hi guys. just updating you on the forever-changing Megan & Liz saga. hahaha. we now officially live in LA now.

literally SUCH a big step for us. as most of you guys know, we are from a town (village technically) of 1200 people. 1200. then we moved to Nashville, which was a big step up from 1200 people, but NOTHING like LA. LA is massive, and scary, but it’s also where pop music and the majority of our work has ended up being. we decided we wanted to move because we realized at the end of last year when we were out here for two weeks, then about to head out for Christmas Radio shows, we would’ve been home for two weeks instead of gone. we then realized we weren’t in Nashville……. like at all. it just made sense for us to move out here.

i don’t want you guys to think/worry that LA is going to change us at all. we know who we are and where we come from and that’s who we are/will always be at heart. our momma did an AMAZING job at raising us. let me tell you, the first sign of us changing or anything remotely bad, my mom would be the first to be like “get your butts back home.”

i’m really really excited about this move because there are SO many more opportunities out here. also, 99% of the songwriters who we love are out here, so that means we’ll get to write with them even more.

for now, we’re about to do a big thing for Macy’s over the next 3 weeks, as well as finish up our album. AND as some of you guys know……. new music NEXT. MONTH. i’m seriously so excited to get these songs out there! i can’t wait to share them with you and hear your thoughts/comments on everything! i just love you all so much and i always want you to know that. again…. i know i say this literally SO much but i mean it from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU for everything. Supporting us, waiting, listening, commenting, watching. Everything. You guys are my world.

i love you.

xo Megster


new cover of “i knew you were trouble.” by miss taylor swift :)

just literally broke down in happy tears.

i was just sitting here on my computer and it hit me…i’m living my dream.

yes i’m crying as i type this too. i’m virtually giving you all the biggest hug ever because YOU are the reason everything has happened. today was honestly the best, most overwhelming day of my life. so many of my dreams came true in the past 48 hours i can’t even process them all. from being in the top 100 on all of iTunes to the top 30 in pop music, to having a national TV commercial air during my favorite TV show, to having our song played on the radio not once, but three times (that i heard…), to having our own ringpop… i just am overwhelmed with happiness. these are the dreams i’ve been dreaming about since i was 10 years old and knew what i wanted to do with my life. it’s been such a long, tough journey and i can’t believe all of you have stuck with us through it all. the good, the bad, the funny, the happy… everything. i’m so beyond lucky to have you in my life and on this ride with me. does anyone else just feel like everything is just INSANE right now?! i feel like you guys are here with me on this.

every time i’ve ever had a bad day (which hey, i’m 19 i’ve had many) to every time i’ve had the best day ever (which again, i’ve had many) you guys have been there to help me back up or to celebrate with me and i love you more than anything for that. i honestly feel like you guys are my family. we’re one big family. and for that all i can say is thank you. :) <3

i hope this is just the beginning but i just want you to know how THANKFUL i am to you. you guys amaze me in every way possible. i don’t know what i did in life to deserve such amazing human beings like yourselves in my life, but again, thank you and i love you.

let the bad for me crazy ride continue!! :D

xo megster

i love fall. 
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over a minute of Liz Mace going “WOO,WHOA!” from the live chat




some text art i made for megan &amp; liz’s new single :3